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'Painting means for me the creation of my own reality on the canvas. A form of expression where the spirit is completely free. Without premeditated goals, each painted canvas develops its own identity. Characteristics of the work include that there is much room left for personal interpretation. Static and dynamic complement each other in a combination with striking colors.'



Depending on their frame of mind, the artist works with oil- or acrylic paint.

Most of the paintings are made with very thin and transparent layers of oil paint. The interaction between dark and extreme light is in this case responsible for creating a very sensitive image.

Diametrically opposed to the oil, the acrylic paintings are in thick layers.

All kinds of gel-mediums are added to the paint. In some places very thick, in others the canvas is not touched. Because of this, the relief is also an important item for creating the atmosphere of the painting.



Sometimes very solid shapes, then strongly abstracted, other times simply a shadow. A complete face is almost never to be found in my paintings. The positioning of the figure shows the mood and emotions. Sometimes a man or woman is clearly presented with a simple stroke.



These paintings cannot be grasped in any concrete way; the style varies and is extremely dependant on the mood. Their composition often is borne from a mixture of speed and strength. In addition, the choice of oil or acrylic can set the mood.



These paintings show that the artist gets her inspiration from the Greek island where she lives. Sun, sea and the heat become “touchable.”



The faces have never been painted using a model, but always based on fantasy. They are very often created during the processing of strong emotions.

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